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Cargo Tank Monitoring System

Why Cargo Tank Monitoring is Required

Since people use water, good measuring instruments are always needed. How much amount of water was used or left is very important problem all the time. Now this problem is not only for using water but also all kinds of fluids. The fluids have not been dangerous in the past time, but there are lots of sensitive and dangerous fluids now, and the using of that kinds of fluids are getting wide. Therefore, accurate level measurement is very important and reliable and good quality measuring level system is needed all the time. The beginning of Cargo Tank Monitoring System is for measuring level in the tanks, but now the system is not only for measuring level but also continuously checking and control the fluid in the tank.

When a tank is being filled with fluid, the level measurement is very important because if the fluid is very dangerous like a chemical fluid it can be really serious and huge problem. Even if the fluid is not dangerous like normal fresh water, the measuring level is also very important as you know.

Hanla's Cargo Tank Monitoring System has been attested by the well known Korea mayor Shipyard like Hyundai Heavy Industries, Samsung Heavy Industries, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering since the systems and instruments took the all kinds of certification from International Ship's Classification Society.

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